Integrative Cancer Therapies

  • Review Article: Influence of Viscum album L (European Mistletoe) Extracts on Quality of Life in Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review of Controlled Clinical Studies
 - Gunver S. Kienle and Helmut Kiene 
  • Breast Cancer : Basic and clinical Research Oirignal Research
  • Quality of Life and neutropenia in patients with early stage Breast cancer: A Randomized pilot study comparing Additional Treatment with Mistletoe extract to chemotherapy - Alone 
Wilfried Tröger, Svetlana Jezdić, Zdravko Ždrale, nevena Tišma, harald J. hamre and Miodrag Matijašević
  • Viscum album L. extracts in breast and gynaecological cancers: a systematic review of clinical and preclinical research - Gunver S Kienle, Anja Glockmann, Michael Schink and Helmut Kiene
  • Viscum album [L.] extract therapy in patients with locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer: A randomised clinical trial on overall survival W. Tröger, D. Galun, M. Reif, A. Schumann, N. Stanković, M. Milićević